Visitor Demographics
Lammas Lands

An online visitor survey was carried out for the Lammas Lands between 15th December 2015 and 18th January 2016. The most common age category was 35-44 years.

The large majority (86%) of respondents lived within Godalming, with only 1% travelling more than 15km to the site. Most visit the site 2-3 times a week or more frequently, although the most common individual frequency category was 2-3 times a month.

The most frequently given main reason for visiting the Lammas Lands was scenery (34.8%), followed by rural feel (19.6%).

Why people visit


Rural feel




Feels safe


Close to local facilities

How people visit

Most people arrived at the Lammas Lands on foot. The largest minority arrived by car/van, a few by bicycle and just a handful arriving by bus and train and also boat (which was specified by one respondent under “other”).

The most frequently given reason for visiting the Lammas Lands was scenery (34.8%), followed by rural feel (19.6%).

Mode of Transport to Lammas Lands

Public support for future management


Floodplain management


Habitat Management


Volunteer Group


Cattle Grazing

Views on management

Views on Management

Over 50% of respondents were positive (i.e. gave ranks of one or two) for each potential management practice, and over 70% gave ranks of one or two for ongoing management as a floodplain and continued habitat management.

Respondents were slightly more ambivalent (i.e. gave ranks of three or four) or negative (i.e. gave ranks of five and six) about the remaining four categories although the majority were still positive in each case.

Lammas Lands Visitor Survey (2016)