Lammas Lands Godalming

The Lammas Lands are floodplain meadows covering 31.8 hectares located in the town of Godalming in Surrey.

The Lammas Lands are recognised as a site of Nature Conservation Importance, an Area of High Archaeological Potential and an Area of Strategic Visual Importance.

A total of 108 species of flowering plants, 227 invertebrates (including a number of rare and scarce species) and six amber and twelve red listed species of bird call this place home.

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Our Concerns


We are concerned about the safety of children, animals, residents and walkers


We are concerned about the impact of pathways, noise and lights on The Lammas Lands, a Site of Nature Conservation Importance


We are concerned about the impact on endagered species such as dormice, bats, rare breeding birds, mammals and invertebrates

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Charity Landing

We need your help to protect this special place

The council(s) responsible for the Lammas Lands have proposed to build a 4m wide compound or raised cycle track through the functional floodplain meadows and across the river as part of the Godalming Greenway project. The proposed development would flow traffic directly from the A3100 down into this designated site of nature conservation importance, and would potentially be an ecological disaster for this protected area.

There would be a necessity for these paths to be both lit and protected from both noise and refuse. We believe this is not possible while maintaining the delicate natural habitat that forms a key part of what makes Godalming special.

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You can make the difference, right here and right now!

Your action and your say matters more than ever right now! Below are a couple of examples of what you can do to make your voice heard.

  • Talk to your friends and neighbours
  • Write to your MP & Counsellors
  • Visit the sites and imagine the effect of the proposals
Charity Landing

10 Year Lammas Lands Management Plan (2017)

The report lays out a range of prescriptions with the aim of maintaining and improving the site for people and wildlife. Which we believe are in direct conflict with the current proposals!